One Piece Mailers for Postal voting

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Ballot Papers, Security marks, Counting Sheets and Grass Skirts

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Data Services

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Officials ID cards

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Polling Cards & Candidate Statements

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Save time and money on print and post.

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  • Councils

    We supply and assist over 80 Councils for Local, Mayoral, Parliamentary, PCC, European and Combined elections plus all associated collateral. We are active members of the Association of Electoral Administrators (AEA) and we are fully compliant with Electoral Commission guidelines.
  • Members & shareholders

    Building Societies, Mutual Societies and Private companies require that their board are voted upon, and in some instances certain decisions have to be by majority of members or shareholders.
  • Unions

    Union elections are usually held by postal ballot. Everyone eligible to vote will be send a numbered voting paper together with a statement from each candidate. We can help with this and more. We can also supply counting sheets and membership cards.

  • NHS & Education

    In collaboration with the AEA we have produced collateral used in voting for Governors in many NHS Trusts, this usually involves postal voting similar to that done for Unions. We can also assist in voting for school governors or even for the PTA.